Stewart by Stewart Fashion Exhibition

Sydney is an Atlanta based designer that I actual met during my time working for Von Maur.
Funny story: I actually had no idea that she was a menswear designer up until maybe a month ago. I was scrolling around on @vfiles' instagram when I found her work tagged to a photo...

I was in shock like, "Wait I know her"! I then went through her incredible body of work & have been obsessed with her art ever since! I love her way of creating unique, wearable art. Her work is very clean & has clear vision. I honestly would wear every piece from any of her collections. Her work really speaks to my personal aesthetic.

She is having a fashion exhibit that I will be attending this Saturday & I personally invite you to come check it out! It will showcase her AW 17-18 collection called "Construct". (inspired by construction)

March 18th 2017
Gallery L1
858 Ralph McGill Blvd.
Atlanta GA, 30306

Trust me you will not want to miss this one so definitely come through & support! Also, If you happen to see me be sure to say Hi! If I have a slight case of resting bitch face I apologize in advance. I'm nice. I promise.

Archive Pieces (2016) & Stewart by Stewart Logo

AW 17-18 Lookbook shoot BTS
Fashion Illustration by Sydney Stewart

Be sure to check out the video below to get to know her a little better!

StewartbyStewart from Kiory Rivera on Vimeo.

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