Drumroll Please

After a year and some change of hiatus, I am officialy back to blogging!

-Cap by J. Crew -Sunglasses by Saint Laurent -Hoddie by Asos -Necklace by Givenchy

I have decided that fashion and style actual means the most to me even after feeling like they "left" me. Or rather I left them.
What happened you may ask. My answer would be a very cliche answer: Life happened.
I moved to Colorado. Worked as front desk for Aveda. Oh ,I lost a tooth. Random I know, however, still a very drastic moment in my life). Then I became a visual merchandiser for H&M. Lived at then at the Avalon in Beverly Hills for two months (very fun might I add). Moved back to Atlanta. Got married. Joking. I've actually been very single for the last three or so years. So yeah, that brings us to current day.

[featuring Tiffany]
[featuring Breanna]

Ultimately I've realized that I quite enjoy being a creative vessel. There is fire constantly burning within me filled with ideas. I lose sleep laying in bed thinking about what I can make, what I can create, how I can make something better... I'm sick of wasting time just saying and not doing. Thus, in this moment I've decided to document my experiences through this blog.

If you look at my blog's archive, you will find that majority of it was about what others were doing in the land of fashion and style. This time I want to go even further than that by adding more of what I am doing. Meaning there will be: Photoshoots, behind the scenes moments, giveaways, art, blog collaborations, style hauls, unboxing/ new arrival videos, sewing tips, mocktorials, diy's, all kinds of stuff! Basically anything that will allow me to create and share with you...
It will be right here!

To everyone that has stuck with me for the past eight years (I'm concisely deducting 2015 because I am a real one) thank you so much for following along my journey. I truly value you. Honestly, truly.

-Dickey by H&M Studio (FW16) -Vintage Sweater by Christian Dior

With all of that said please be sure to follow me on my various social media accounts for blog updates. I will also make sure to follow you back!

Nothing More.


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