Bored with Balenciaga

Bored but not how you're thinking.

I was literally at my desk playing around with my archive Balenciaga cosmetics city bag (that was a mouth full) when I decided to whip out my phone & take some photos My boredom surprisingly got me in the mood to do some blogging. So here I am with you now! Live at 3 o'clock in the morning might I add. I've had this bag for some years now. I got it from Nordstrom back during the time when I worked for the company (2011). It's kind of one of those things I have but don't use as often as I should. The thing is that I would never get rid of it because of all of the memories that are tied to it literally acting as a weight to my wardrobe (poetic I know). Not to mention Nicolas Ghesquiere designed the city bag during his time at Balenciaga so yeah, definitely not going anywhere simply because I worship him.

Which brings me to my next talking point: Demna GvyjfklhhiNotNicolasGhesquierelol (Gvasalia)
I love Balenciaga. I enjoy Vetéments. Do I love what Demna has done for Balenciaga? My answer is a very unsure "Eh". The hype (there's a word I despise) that has happened for the brand is great, however; I personally don't see him lasting for too much longer. Like seriously I give it four more seasons at most. To me the aesthetics from house to designer just do not quite mesh. It feels very forced when you sit down and take a look at each collection that has been presented thus far. Time will tell I guess. Until then "f s up" while you can Demna!

P.S. I have a really dodgy camera on my phone but somehow I still manage to take some pretty decent snaps with it! Leave a comment if you agree/ disagree.

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