Aquatic Catwalk

Ok.. It's a designer death match people. Philipp Plein vs. Prada. Both were hosts to large masses of h+2O. When it comes to location/ venue these two definitely went out of the box! Front row access mixed with a little chlorine couture? Why not. Let's dive right in..

The waters at Prada were still, maybe even a bit tranquil. Philipp Plein chose to make more of a splash- pun intended.
Theophilus London performed while being chauffeured around by a classically suited model, driver hybrid. How? By jet ski of course. Pretty exciting I'd say, keeping in mind that they were in an Olympic sized swimming pool with a runway show going on simultaneously. The clothes reflected the intensity with use of crocodile in their outerwear/ accessories. All of the jackets had a very cool, sexy way about them. Perfect for people like me who wear leather in the s/s season.
Prada going for more aesthetics focused more on their collection. Yet again stuck in a very 70's era inspiration we saw a mix of silhouettes and tones. Contrast stitching was heavy shown throughout the show. Though not my favorite design detail, I do understand the need for it. Prada relies heavy on distinctiveness. When you see the house out in the press you instantly know that it's Prada. Though sometimes a little gimmick driven the statement is always exhibited well. This particular collection will have to grow on me. Maybe throwing a bucket of that pool water on the clothes would make for a good editorial? No, ok. I'll stop now.
In conclusion, I want to acknowledge that nor Plein or Prada is the first to take water to the runway. Who remembers then fashion new comer, Jacquemus fall '13 show (designed by Simon Porte Jacquemus) Simon chose to show his collection at a public pool in Paris’ Bastille neighborhood. Quite fitting, considering the range was inspired by French actress Isabelle Adjani and her 1984 hit song and swim-centric music video, “Pull Marine.” I still really love that collection and brand as a whole.
Who do you think deserves the title of the Aquatic Catwalk medal? [leave comments, I'm curious to know!]

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