Louise Golidin's Paper Dress created for Coutts & Co

As of late I have been really intrigued by different shapes/ silhouettes that seem to be somewhat profound to the everyday person. Above is an example of repetitious and intricate attention to detail. I want my next collection to be geared towards a more complex and time consuming design format. I feel like things that take more time and care tend to produce more appreciation from the viewer and/ or client. When things are made, tailored well I seem to react in a more positive way than when they are not. An example of this kind of work would be from the timeless haute couture collection Ricardo Tisci debuted with hand beading and ornate gold detailing/ fixtures. Others include: any works of Alexander McQueen as well as house workings from Maison Martin Margiela. Just to name a few...

The dress, made almost entirely of sustainably sourced paper, was commissioned by Coutts in celebration of their sponsorship of this year’s Fashion Forward Award and has been designed to raise awareness amongst UK creative industry entrepreneurs of the equal importance for business planning as well as creativity to ensure success.

Beautiful garments are exciting to see in everyday light but I want to be moved when I see something editorial or uncommon. Sure it may appear your hips look wide or out of place but honestly it's not about that. It's about art. Illusion. Optical interest. One may be quick to say, "Oh that's weird" or "that is ugly". Who says 'ugly' can't be interesting or even fascinating? Just something to think about.

Nothing More.



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