A moment from the Armani Prive ss 11 Couture Show | Photo by Jason Lloyd-Evans
 This season Mr Armani went entirely shiny, as if the models had been dipped in liquid metal. This gave rise to incredible jewel tones, topped off with flying saucer hats. We Just amazing. 

4 a.m Thoughts by the Millions:
elegance.         > what is lacking
class.                 > few have
innovation.         > tricky
Paris. (where I want need to be)

With eternal wanting comes thoughts of disappointment. Fabricated dreams and restrictions one would wish to be rid of. However, I learn to smile as I lay in Dior. Only my fashion can keep me satisfied. Warm and delighted. Judge if you must. Yves and I don't mind one bit.     -cxMm.

Nothing More.



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