Michelle Obama in McQueen

Jackie O. may have been chic...
but Ms. Obama is coming for her...
Without a doubt.

Today I woke up to my friend, Nariah, calling me to ask if I had seen 'the' infamous dress. I told her I did but only briefly, being that I was up watching the news at 3:30 in the morning. She knows I am an Alexander McQueen advocate so naturally she knew who to call. Only thing was she and I both felt a tad indifferent about the dress. It was funny because when I saw the dress, something about the top didn't seem right to me. Then as we discussed it a little bit more something came to me that it was styled in a different way than originally intended as far as the neckline was concerned. Instantly I jumped on my mac to confirm it and sure enough I figured out the problem...

Shoulder detail: SJP @ 2010 CFDA Awards
First, this dress was more than likely custom made specifically for Ms.Obama. (Yes. She has it like that) Second, the straps are meant to go either just before or a little off the shoulder. Being that she does have to keep a more conservative take to a not so traditional dress, I'm sure her stylist or whoever told her to wear it off one shoulder. I don't really care for it, but then again I am just excited to see someone of such 'status' wear such an legendary designer label.
 Surprisingly, Sarah Burton actually takes the credit for this one. She designed this 'style' of dress as well as other pieces that went in the Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 Lookbook. Too bad Ms. Obama's dress will have to be labeled 'season-less'. It's just such a tragedy to be timeless these days. (Major sarcasm there..) All in all I am in love with the idea of the dress; not so much the styling.

Resort 2011 Look 29

Nothing More.



Dee O. said...

She looked absolutely ravishing in that dress!


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