Here She Blows

Here @, we definitely support the visual workings of Jean Paul Paula and Abdul Lagerfield, creative masterminds and founders of MYKROMAG.

I follow a majority of their work through the digital world but after a few online issues and behind the scenes facebook photos, they now offer physical prints! If someone wanted to make me happy they would send this to me. This issue will be limited to only 500 copies. 220 pages of visual bliss. Just what I need to uplift my fashion spirits when they are down.  My birthday is February 29th; just saying...


The black version holds the editorials and photo-shoots, including features on inspiring names such as Andrew Mukamal, Charles Guislain, David Koma and many others. The white version shows you 30+ portraits of who we believe are part of the new generation.
Issues are sold online here.

MYKROMAG is nothing short of chic. Don't believe me check out the magazine's blog here.

Nothing More.



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