Heads Will Roll

I'm calling this an editorial. Why?
Because in my eyes, that is what it is.
Like something straight out of Dazed and Confused magazine.
Complete visual bliss.

Friend, AA employee, blogger, model, fashion enthusiast and "Style super hero", Antonio Guerrero, brings us a series of photos shot on location with budding photographer Brant Bittenger.

As I see it, each image has an almost dark undertone with a light sense of emotion. The mood is happy but the surroundings make one feel very misplaced and deranged. The concept is quite interesting actually. The styling is impeccable just as well. Overall I am overly impressed by the magic happening behind and in front of the camera. The 9 photo spread is appropriately entitled "Heads Will Roll". & oh they're rolling... Job well done.

Antonio (model above) like I said is one of my online friends I cherish from the days of mySpace. We have ever since then kept up with each other via Facebook/ twitter/ tumblr etc etc... He gives fashion. Antonio is fashion. We both admire each others work and are in the process of collaborating on some projects  throughout 2011! Look out for "Antonio von Clark Installations" as well as some future plans with my line of bowties: noeud papillion by cxMm (photos here). I am so amped about getting a chance to work with him... If you can't already tell!

Visit Antonio via Twitter (and blogger coming soon!) Holla! [as he would say]

Nothing More.



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