Here's a great look at some fur moments captured by the wonderful team at Dazed Digital. Dazed and Confused always offers such a raw output on fashion. It's really quite refreshing. Looking at this editorial just off hand makes you either say, "Wtf" or "Wow... how in the hell do you make something so common look that interesting and/ or obscure?..." Anytime you can mix fashion with visual conflict is when you truly begin to understand what 'art' is at this day in age. Technology is the influence and innovation is the way art translates. I feel like Dazed gets that.

The best part of this pictorial is the red/ neutral fur piece. I love that mix in colour as well as texture. The gray background really picks up on the combo nicely.Also, ladies and gentleman please don't be afraid to embrace fur for this hiver...

Reason(s) Being:
For one it adds 'effects' to any prospective ensemble. Two, it keeps you warm and fuzzy feeling throughout. Three, they can be faux and still look chic. Lastly it's just so fashion! I mean, why not?

Nothing More.



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