Backstage @ JPG Haute Couture s/s 11

Ms. Wixon 'giving' with her (traditional) couture show number and pout lips.
Photography: Jason Lloyd-Evans

Couture at the door; Jean et John takes it to the floor.

As far as couture shows goes I feel like Jean Paul Gautier is definitely at the top of my list. John Galliano, creative director for Gautier, is never boring. There is always a sense of drama in his garments. With prominent theatrics displayed throughout the styling of his shows. Even the models used in his shows are directed to really 'give' a certain mood. Some may proclaim that maybe he is indeed a little bit "too extra". I personally think John brings a certain element to fashion that is lacking: Fun, color, even silliness if you will. Fashion lately has become very dark and almost profound in ways that most take grasp to. John Galliano just knows how to take 'it' there just before becoming reminiscent to anything costume.  Overall 'it' works; It's Galliano et Gautier.


Gaultier’s collection once again married his punk sensibility to couture, to incredible result. Rather than runway music, Catherine Deneuve narrated each outfit as it transcended the runway, until the finale, when after the vaguely gendered bride, a dancer from Crazy Horse came out and did an incredible Can Can. Such a sensational show on so many levels, from the beautiful clothes to the impeccable casting and atmosphere.  (via 10 Magazine)

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