Modern Grunge.

"Outfitting Major Paris model Gabriel Gronvik for a shoot with Jan Welters, stylist Davide Brambilla uses the latest from the likes of Prada, Margiela and Dolce & Gabbana to craft a modern grunge movement."

All black may be an easy way to establish a simple yet "edgy" style. However I feel that sometimes "All black everything' can feel a bit boring and often times obnoxious. No one should ever feel like pattern, line, and color should be replaced by what one may refer to as "the look". Style truly is all about creating a look that doesn't necessarily have to follow any steps or guidelines. (At least that's how I see things.)

Throughout this editorial you can embrace different concepts of what grunge has become today. You can still see the raw and rebellious cuts in the garments...The way the looks are layered and placed with unconventional fabrics/ patterns. Ultimately the clothing is conveying a way of dress rather than categorizing any specific group. All of the pieces are versatile and can relate to any population of homme fashion.

Don't over do it. Put done the glue gun. Drop the iron on studs. We have got to put a stop to this "over done" madness. Garments are becoming more and more polished everyday. Try not to take scissors to every article of clothing you own. Want to make something sleeveless? Go for it! But why not place a tailored seam to that unfinished edge. Notice how this editorial displays how grunge styling doesn't have to be whithered and destroyed.
Call it refined edge.

Nothing More.



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