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Today I woke up to my usual emails from Dazed Digital and was overwhelmed with an aray of emotion. It's fashion; she does that to me. Looking at this specific collection I first rendered myself to be quite impressed with the workmanship throughout the collection. I was even moved by the attention to detail ever cut/ line had. Then it dawned on me. I've felt this way before... Just not at the same magnitude or level. What was this reference one wonders? One word: McQueen.

Perpetually I am not saying that the brand ripped the legendary label/ man off but I do feel that there was definitely a frivolous amount of inspiration taken from the late, great "Atlantis" collection. But it gets worse, the shoes are the give away. You can't craft a monstrous heel and expect for no one to notice the similarities between what was done before you. It just does not work that way. "You can dust it off and try again" as Aaliyah would say.

Emotions went from "Yes!" to "Oh no!" in the matter of seconds. Some designers look for a quick ticket to capitalize on others success. It's not right but it happens. Give credit where credit is due is all I ask. If one has to question oneself, "Does this look like so-and so" then chances are it does indeed look that way. Inspiration is one thing but mimicking and tweaking iare another. I may be blowing this way out of proportion but all I am offering is my opinion. I'll let you make the collect call.

*Ring Ring*
p.s.  There are indeed moments in the collection that are organic, that I really enjoy. However, like I said each garment looks impeccable but NEW innovation is what I crave the most.

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I see McQueenisms all up and through that collection...too soon, man. Too soon.

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