Guess Who!

Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture AW10

Are you as shocked as I am? The past, oh I don't know, FOUR seasons have been absolutely ratchet. Talk about wanting to skin my eyeballs potato-peeler style. The sad thing about this look is that its greatness is short lived within itself. Meaning that the rest of the collection is grizzly bear shit! Graphic, yes I know, but it can't be put in any other way. I apologize for being vulgar but just take a look for yourself...

(Above) Pure unadulterated fuckery... Margiela we miss you.
(Below) I do have to admit the cowboy boot-pant is clever but all and all I am underwhelmed. Again.

Nothing More.



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InnyVinny said...

Did you see the pants made of bags? Did you?

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