THE FACTS: Alexander McQueen shot by Nick Knight. 

To this day I am still haunted by the notion that he is no longer alive. 
Someone (via stated to me,

"Isn't it funny how everybody hopped on Alexander McQueen AFTER he died..."

I replied:
"I do. I actually find it kind of sad. People are so 'fake' about it... Fake tears. Fake remarks. Just fake fake fake! I can truly say that I wanted to meet him/ be in or at one of his shows one day. I mean this was before the 'armadillos' and hub cab headpieces. McQueen was an innovator and artist that can NEVER be replaced. #RIP McQUEEN"

As you can imagine. I was a little bit in a uproar with the whole thing but after having time to process, I found that he was a great man and will remain my favorite designer dead or alive.

Lastly take a look at the photo above... The makeup and hair (braid rather) is giving me dramatics. Just imagine something similar in a upcoming style portfolio! *pulls a few looks*

I feel like menswear is very tricky in the since of knowing when something is too much or too 'cunt' if you will. Masculinity in the past year or so has been stretched beyond all means. I personally enjoy it because I have to admit that I do get bored with men's styling and fashion quite easily. It just seems like being masculine is based off of what one will and can except rather than just be secure, wear whatever, walk out the door and press on. All I am saying is men shouldn't be afraid to exaggerate boundaries with style and fashion, however; there are somethings that just do not work for men. I may just might have to save that for another post! Be you, be real, be fashion.

Nothing More.



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