Apple, Are you serious?

I do not in any way want to spend $2,699 on a damn enlared ipod Nano. I want a touch screen computer. Ugh, why does apple always have to be so difficult. I've been waiting teo years for this dumb shxt. fml 

However, I'll be the first one in line if they make some major changes to that scrolling bussines. I hope youll be able to use the wirless keyboards/mouse that recently came out. Can you say "sexy"? YES!

That's all.



Jay...Squared! said...

nahh, its not serious. this is from the onion, they're making fun of the way that apple is always changing things for no reason lol

Anonymous said...

that's just stupid! I hope that was just a joke like the girl above me just said.

Tomik said...

Just read in a techy magazine (don't judge me) that ASUS makes an awesome touchscreen desktop for less than half the price. Touchscreen, flatscreen, blu-ray. ASUS Eee Top ET2203T. Turn the lights on!

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