Spicy walk.

In these Photo(s): two variations of the f/w 09 Louis Vuitton Spicy Heel.

Now, we beg the question... Tip or NOT to tip?? Ladies I think it's time you all broaden your horizons to something new && innovative. I mean, M.Jacobs isn't working his xss off for nothing. He begs of you to TIP (in his designs of course)!!

Back to the photo, courtesy of jak&Jill. I snagged this picture only to real eyes that this woman was indeed lacking. Her look lacked attitude from the neck up. I add a pair of vintage cartoon inspired caspers,then Voila!! She was saved by the grace of god via G1. Ha!! She's a fashion angel, Cartier halo and all.
Get into it!!

That's all.



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