So I've come to the conclusion that I love things most would consider to be ugly && absolutely absurd. Quite frankley my style come to match this assertion. I always try to find pieces that don't neccessarily go with an ensemble but breaks up what fashion is considerd and what style is being portrayed.

The photos above, (in my perspective) simply express an attention to detail so many designers have forgotten about. It's all about fine tailored garments and impeccable construction. Designers like Martin Marigela evoke a passionate urning for fantasy-like silhouettes. They take time to create innovation while maintaining their probable execution. My hat goes of to the designers who realize couture cost money, but most importantly: time.

*In these Photo(s): INSPIRATION via shapes in staircases,pops of color,handmade garments, fabric sheers, shoulder padding,"dark-edged" styling,silhouette detailing, etc.

*all these wonderful ADORNMENTS keep me inspired everyday.
That's all.



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