Really?? WTF??

Located above is a senerio between fuckery and "fuck-a-me". Do let me elaborate: fuckery is when I walked into the Claires store Sunday afternoon only to find a pair of knock off Dior "blow" sunglasses. I was mortified, to say the least. Really?? I mean if you just can't afford the real thing, then why even bother?? Your only hurting yourself cause if I see you on the street with them shxts... I will bust you out right then and there. Snag a picture and then blog about you. I'm that serious...

Now the picture below the fuckery means strickly bussiness!! I'm talkin' "fxck me fxck I just creamed" type shxt.
Here we have model Cole Mohr raising eyebrows in the Japan based Dazed and Confused issue. Previously blogged, I thought I'd just reiterate the swift serverity of what is really going on. People, people: Counterfeit is not the answer. Obsolete ignorance is all you will end up with.

That's all.



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