More fxckery.

Well dxmn. Is anything real anymore??

Whoever reproduced YSL's amazing f/w 09 caged boot is going to hell. I recently saw these beauties at Saks just a few weeks ago. No one does it like Laurent. "Fxck a Gucci, where is my YSL?" This is definitely how I honestly feel. Why must they take such a classic yet edgy shoe and abolish the great, mosaic haus? This whole situation leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. Ugh.

To get a taste of what real fashion, YsL, looks like... Take a look at my encounter with a shoe of visual stamina.

P.S. Your a bad bxtch if I see you tippin' around in a pair of these YsL boots. (I'm just saying.)

That's all.



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