Le Jacob Factor.

Marc Jacob is fashion.

He has created and mastered the craft of exceptional design and style. Marc is our fashion leader if you will. The masses are probaly afraid to admit that but it's absolutely true. The fashion industry inhibits his every move and idea. Exhibit A: the kilt for men. It was but two seasons ago he introduced this skirt idea to mens fashion. Many would say he took a risk but really he took fashion for his own radical amusment. He didn't take himself to seriously but at the same time he confidently walked across his runways with no setbacks or doubt. Men around the world saw this and took to this bold look. This approach happend mainly in the "fashion world" as well as everyday life.

In fact, I encounterd a very ecentric, male being at a near by high school working the Marc Jacobs look. In person I actually found this loook to be quite opulent and bold. Mens fashion overall can be quite boring but taking a womens wear approach and making it masculine is refreshing and just plain different. In my book doing what you want with your clothes and being prideful of what your wearing is the peak of great style.

Marc embodies a beautiful mind and a fearless soul. His design esthetics embark upon just that. His cunning attention to detail is emaculate. The hype that goes along with his empire is nothing sort of exponetial. Inaddition I must admit, I have really been pondering about trying his signature kilt look or at least something just as risque. That's how infectious his overall eternal style is. In conslusion, just know that Fashion- I mean Marc Jacobs isn't going anywhere. The hype is only going to continue to grow!!

Photo by: Stephen Sprouse x Louis Vuittion via PR image

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