Hello Hello.

I really love the green on black. It made a simple color pop by basting it upon a black silhoette. I wore this top and bowtie with my, what I call "irregular levis". They're considered "irregular" because they were placed in the back of the levis store for only ten dollars. Not realizing they were more than just 511's but they were 32w x 36l skinny jeans. I remember in my head I was thinking, "Damn, these jeans must be made for supermodels. I'll take them!" And with no hesitation I did just that!! Now back to my outfitt: I finish off the assemble with my dress shoes. They are detailed with a patent leather siding and a smooth black on black striped front, topped of with metal piping. They're are almost an edgy take on the standard tap-dance shoe. I love these shoes!! They make me about 6'2 in height and look amazing with my skinny,"irregular" deniem. Not to mention the sound they make when walking across the floor, gives me great confidence and power. I guess that's why women love their Loubutin's so much!

As a last note I want to explain that today was a day I felt pretty down. I didnlt do anything but sleep. Toward the aftertoon I got motivated to put on something nice and go out. I came up with this amazing outfit and instantly gained a better outtlook on my mood. It's amazing what clothes can do for your soul. The next time I feel the way I felt today, I plan to do exactly what I did: raid my closet and get creative!! It's like painting a masterpiece on a rainy day; just so uplifting.

Clothing Provided by:  Shirt H&M, Bowtie H&M, Braclets Mall, Opticals Pac Sun

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