get it get it.

Diggy from Runs house, has more style than a 23 year old old fashion designer out of Manhantan. For one he has his own blog. He discusses more than just teenage fashion, he post womens fashion, art, music, photography, you name it hes got it. Today I was on his blog and found the new Phillip lim x Christian Louboutin Skyscrapers. I was shocked and amazed. I wish I was that open minded && fashion heavy when I was that age. All I cared about at his age were fat laces and addidas. :D

Anyway, consider me impressed. Oh and by the way: Do you see the
Dee and Ricky adornments in this photo. Wow. That blazer is amazing and basically I am in love with the entire outfit. He is inspiring me in many different ways. Ah, he makes me want to design kids/teen clothes now. Hmmm. Oh yeah, as a last note: H e sketches! Check it out. (I wonder if he will attend the Fashion Design High School of New York as his siter did?) -that'sall.

Courtesy of: WireImage/Diggy


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