DIRT ss18 by Rick Owens

Rick "owns" it again...

Rick is known for choosing the most incredible venues for his collections. His Spring/ Summer 2018 show, DIRT, located at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris (Muesem of Art, City of Paris) makes no exception.

Images by Elizabeth Pantaleo
The outdoor gathering featured an architecturally exposed railing system that was elevated over a large fountain of water. Models & Rick himself walked up top a high rise portion of the runway that would cripple anyone who might have tge slightest fear of heights. The lower part of the runway was guiled by nude sculptures made of solid stone throughout the perimeters.

The Look:
The garments displayed a very tailored desonstruction to them. Most fabrics were raw edged but executed flawlessly. Which in my opinion is one of the hardest things to do well in garment construction. Who wants to walk around wearing something that looks like it may not make survive more than an hour or two?

Tailored waistcoats and cropped length trousers. Abstract tank tops, oversized linen-esque pants, & even a splash of vibrant hues throughout. Translucent fabrics were molded to distort the gauntly figures but only in the most pleasing way. Rick Owens truly has a distinct manner of pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating his signature silhouettes. In this collection the cohesion between shape and textural fluidity spoke voulmes.

One word for this collection: perfection.

Rick Owens takes a bow.
Final Remarks:
Many of his runway pieces remind me of the feeling I get when I see a unique piece of furniture. (yes, I am aware that he also designs furniture; chill.) A rush of excitement comes over me. From the shape to the fabrication: everything works together to create something that is innovative & most important, aesthetically pleasing. Rick Owens just gets it.

Michele Lamy, Dwayne Wade, & Gabrielle in attendance for Paris Fashion Week

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